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“Gathering Greater Bay Area AI Wisdom, Developing Greater Bay Area AI Industry”-AAIA 2022 Great Bay Area AI Summit

“Gathering Greater Bay Area AI Wisdom, Developing Greater Bay Area AI Industry”

AAIA 2022 Greater Bay Area AI Summit

The AAIA 2022 1st Greater Bay Area AI Summit was successfully held online this Saturday (23 April 2022) at 19:30 pm Beijing time. With the theme of “Gathering Greater Bay Area AI Wisdom, Developing Greater Bay Area AI Industry”, this summit focused on AI+Remote Sensing, AI+Medical, AI+Multimedia, Metaverse, Tiny ML System for Edge Intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies and industrial development. AI+Multimedia, Metaverse, Tiny ML System for Edge Intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies and the current state of industrial development were discussed in depth. The summit aimed to promote the popularization and promotion of AI technology through multidisciplinary cross-fertilization, and to build a high-end frontier communication platform in the field of AI in China with close integration of industry, academia and research.

The summit was attended by global AI experts, including more than 40 fellows of AAIA from the Greater Bay Area and more than 200 experts, scholars and outstanding representatives from the industry, who shared their views on cutting-edge technologies, the current state of the industry, application implementation and development trends, and other hot issues of common concern. As AAIA fellow, Dr. Liu from Tencent moderated this summit. At the beginning of the forum, Dr. Liu expressed his gratitude to all the experts and scholars for their contributions in the field of AI, and gave a brief introduction to the agenda of the conference and introduction of the attendees and presenters.

There were three parts of this summit.

First, Schahram Dustdar, President of AAIA, and Bo Zhang, Vice-President of AAIA gave opening remarks.

Second, keynotes part.

Professor Weng Qihao shared "Application and Development Status of AI in Remote Sensing".


Prof. Weng gave a detailed introduction from five aspects, including the development history of remote sensing technology, image analysis of remote sensing technology, machine learning models in remote sensing technology, machine learning in remote sensing technology applications and the challenges that AI needs to deal with in remote sensing in the future.

Professor Hui Pan shared the theme of "A Guide to Ride the Metaverse".


Prof. Pan introduced what is a metaverse, the three stages of development of a metaverse, how to build a metaverse, the development of a metaverse and the direction and opportunities that we need to develop next.

Prof. Song Guo shared "TinyML System for Edge Intelligence".


Prof. Guo emphasized that edge intelligence can effectively solve the problems faced by AI in industry applications: massive data processing, real-time response, data security, etc.

Dr. Liu Wei gave a presentation on "AI in Multimedia Computing for Tencent Online Advertising".


Dr. Liu pointed out the strong demand for AI in the whole advertising chain, including intelligent creation, intelligent review, content understanding and retrieval of advertisements.

Third part: conclusion and sharing session

The participants fully affirmed the technical forum and gave suggestions for the follow-up activities of AAIA, suggested that more exchanges and cooperation activities should be conducted, building AAIA into an open and inclusive platform for technological interchange and innovative development, attracting more high-quality experts and talents in the field of AI, organising forums and technical exchanges around the world, promoting cooperation between universities, institutes and industry, and making AI benefit humanity.

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